segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

Better than Sex... A blog directed by Daniel, who sang in Din Glorious. According to him, he offers you these options: "Better Than Sex is (pick one)
- a blog for new music/art/style
- a loving tribute to Rodney Dangerfield
- gay and for faggots
- a Native American Ghost
- a safe and fun place for teens!
- going to take a nap
- a picture of three ducks
and is run by
King Treehouse"
I've read some of his posts at this spot and they're worth it. I've found awesome bands ranging from many genres but mainly I'd say 8bit, electro and experimental. So, if you aprove these genres, you'll like this blog. The link, if you didn't notice that I posted around here a several times, is:
Oh, and this blog isn't suited for minors.

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Toxic Lipstick -8bit goodness

Lately I've been hearing some 8BIT bands and there's a bold one out there- it's called Toxic Lipstick. It's a duo of 2 aussie teens, with sharp tongues. Their beats are really catchy and their lyrics roll into your ears like cotton. One of the girls has a side project called BAADDD (I think it's Emily Hasselhoof's also known as MC Slurry, if I'm not saying any terrible mistake here). There are some videos on youtube of this electro duo live. They are hyperactive when acting live! I'll leave you in this space a video of them singing "Best friendz 4eva" live.

quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

COIL- I found the Hellraiser theme

Well, for who doesn't know this story, I'll tell you: Long ago, in the 80s, where hairfarmers were high and post-punk movement was still alive [sigh], COIL were requested to do the soundtrack for the epic horror film "Hellraiser". The fact is that they made a soundtrack that wasn't commercial and was way more terrifying than what the director and the other staff expected. So... they told Christopher Young to make the soundtrack instead.
Particularly, from what I've heard, I prefer way more the soundtrack made by COIL, it suits best the film...

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Feromona "Bisturi"

Feromona are a portuguese band that it seems rather difficult to label. Their mellow sounds can convert in a second to an eccentric paraphernalia of grunge influenced music. Their lyrics are marvelous, a picture of one's romantic experiences perhaps, adding disillusioned emotions here and there.
"Bisturi" (translated to "Scalpel", in English) depicts the band's typical tunes.

According to my interpretation, this video talks about a teenager's troubles and how one's mistakes can turn into a giant snowball.

COIL's "Triple sun" video

I made a videoclip for COIL's "Triple Sun" song, from their album Ape Of Naples. I used some psychedelic effects: a kaleidoscope reproduction, with color blends; a true "coil" effect with the name "COIL" and short clips of a road at night and by day, at a beautiful island. I made a video for this track because it's a miscellaneous sound wielding melodramatic effects offered by their electronic music with acoustic instruments sometimes. COIL's music can be categorized like a fractal of existential dilemmas, a coil of their emotions and moreover. Their lyrics on this album are [I think] as usual, kind of misterious, like their occult influences. Go have a listen on their lateste album "Ape of Naples", if you can- it is really good.

terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

England's Hidden Reverse- buy this book

When reading "England's hidden reverse" you'll feel like diving into an underground esoterical pool of nihilistic artists [COIL, Current 93 & Nurse With Wound]. This piece relates the history of these 3 bands and their original tracks through their musical experiences along time. The synopsis offered by the (now dead) John Ballance is: "It was a nihilistic little group of people. Yet we've all developed and changed and our creativity has been long-lived when it could have gone the other way and everybody could have committed suicide."
A book not to miss, it relates the influences of these groups, their roots. Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Thomas Ligotti and Louis Wain. It's a fine way of stepping into these peculiar minds, giving you an awesome interpretation condensed by the bag of thoughts you'll collect while reading this masterpiece written by David Keenan.
I still haven't read it and it's a book that's really hard to get hold of. Nevertheless, it's a book that's really worth it.


When I got to this store, where I bought the CD, yesterday, I heard some awkward however kind of cliche, sounds being transmited by the CD player. It featured tremendous obscure distortion in catchy sequences. I asked the owner of the shop and he said it was "Satvrnalia temple" (Saturnalia temple, that's how it's read). Their myspace says their sound is similar to "A dark Swedish forest at night, while out of the body". It's a cool perspective of a new metal band, featuring some psychedelic & simultaneously drone tunes. It melts your brain in a way you want it to get even more liquified. I also see they dig Crowley [good to know that]. Go have a listen on their myspace.
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